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Tung Hing offers a wide variety of support and service maintenance contracts to fit the needs of any company. We are committed to make sure that your business is always up and running. Our professional services include:

Remote Help Desk Support:
When there's a problem, you need technical support fast! Tung Hing Help Desk provides your business with immediate             access to software, hardware, and network expertise. This style of service increases response times and reduces the need for onsite visits.   

Ad-Hoc I.T. Support:

Even if you’ve never contacted us before, we can handle the I.T. problems for you straight away. There is no service level         agreement likes guaranteed response time with Ad-hoc support, if this is an issue to you, pls. go for our Support Contracts. 

Scheduled Preventive Maintenance: 

Your computer, server and network infrastructure require regularly scheduled checking and preventive maintenance in order to keep them running efficiently and in good health. Our routine on-site health check service is to ensure not only your system is running smoothly, it also to spot potential problems before they affect the system. We offer monthly and quarterly preventive maintenance packages which can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Support Contracts: 
Our support contracts are tailored to specific needs of individual I.T. Business environment. Upon joining the maintenance         program, the customer will immediately benefit from the following: 

Fixed maintenance cost

The Company will have a well defined budget for the otherwise fluctuating and difficult-to-control cost element in running its IT   department. 


Protection on expensive IT investment 
All IT equipment will be maintained and kept at good working condition as they are serviced by our support staff on an on-going basis. 


Prompt service 
All IT users in the Company are ensured of a guaranteed fast response service. 


Our support contracts are generally made up of the following services: 

-Remote Help Desk Support 
-Scheduled Preventive Maintenance 
-System Software and Hardware Support

I.T. Infrastructure Design and Implementation

Head off trouble before it develops! Proper planning and design are important keys to network performance. Tung Hing will assist with protocol selection, hardware and software configuration recommendations, wiring design, and selection of network components, ensuring future growth and expandability.


I.T. Relocation Management

Our team offers professional I.T. equipment relocation service if you are going to: 
  - moving your office 
  - simply reorganizing or restructuring the existing environment

Our services include: 
   - Project Consultation 
   - Structural Cabling 
   - Pre-relocation Service - data backup and equipment labeling,
   - Relocation Service - disconnecting, packaging, transportation and assembling the equipment safety 
   - Engineer Stand-by Service 

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