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Storage Management

Tung Hing provides a complete range of latest, reliable, scalable and cost effective data storage, recovery, backup, and archiving solutions that you require to design, monitor, manage and secure the valuable data resources of your organization.

Systems Integration

We know the scope of IT requirement of every business is unique; our specialist helps to deliver tailor-made IT systems and integrate solutions to your every needs.

Mail and Collaboration

Nowadays even the smallest of businesses need their e-mail to be fast, stable and dependable. Your organization requires a cost-effective, flexible and reliable messaging platform that can help protect your communications, increase productivity and business mobility with anywhere access to the messaging system.


Cloud Solution

In Computing World, Virtualization is the creation of a Systems Consolidation, such as Application Virtualization, Server Virtualization and Desktop Virtualization.

Network Security

Network security plays a very important role in defending the information from different types of disclosure nowadays in all companies and organizations.



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