About Us

Tung Hing is a Hong Kong based company specializing in the marketing and support of computer and networking products. The Company has its origin in the early eighties as a forerunner in the mass distribution of factory automation systems in China.


Since then it has emerged as a highly successful business covering a broad range of instruments and engineering products.


The Tung Hing Group of Companies attributes its success to the team of professionals who are dedicated to providing precise and concrete solutions to solve customer problems. With the formation of the computer system team, the Company hopes to bring the same level of dedication and professionalism to support corporate customers in the deployment of IT technology.

Our Mission


With the integration of our core skills and philosophy, a professional consulting team provides quality I.T. products, solutions and services to our customers.

Our Core Values


  • Maintain Integrity, Honesty and Professionalism

  • Anti-Terrorism, Uphold Fairness, Impartiality and Justice

  • Uphold Highest Moral Standard

  • Be Customer Focused and Committed

  • Provide Quality Services and Enable Continuous Improvement

  • Fulfill Social Obligations

Our Vision


To become the leader in providing professional quality I.T. solutions and services for every customer.

Our 4 E's Services Philosophy


  • Expert

  • Equipment

  • Education

  • Experience